Rob Corddry Is Weirdly Hard on Himself About Childrens Hospital

"CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL" Episode 201 TBS Ph: Darren Michaels Photo: Darren Michaels

Rob Corddry has some regrets about Childrens Hospital. He regrets letting Megan Mullally wear a lab coat in the scene where she gives Rob Huebel a handy jay with a crutch. ("It's too much.") He regrets writing an episode about "the healing power of laughter." ("I hate the healing power of laughter.") But most of all, Rob Corddry regrets writing himself a part that involves wearing heavy clown makeup on every episode. "I feel bad for women now, because your eyelid skin is the most sensitive skin on your body," he tells the AV Club. "I shoot in the morning and then I shoot at night, and all I do during the day is producing, and I'm like, 'Uh, I've gotta wear this makeup all day?' Even the first season, I directed the whole thing in clown makeup, basically. It's awful," he laments. "What I'm saying is wearing that makeup is a way harder job then policemen have, firemen have, and the people that dig holes for a living have. I have no sympathy for them." Stay strong, Rob. [AV Club]