Ryan Adams Has Heard Your Demands for Talking Pizza


Well, this is odd and delightful: Ryan Adams, no stranger to offbeat Internet videos or heavy metal tributes, has conceived a new fake talk show–slash–video countdown called "Night Sweats" for your viewing pleasure. Yes, it's partially a promotional bit for his new album Ashes & Fire, but Adams is charmingly self-deprecating about the shill: "Unfortunately, [the video for Lucky Now] is not as metal as I would like it to be, and it also talks about my feelings … [cringes]." The rest of the talk show is devoted to banter with goth co-host Balthazar, shout-outs to Adams's favorite metal bands, and an interview with Joey Pizza, formerly of the group 106 Degrees, who has some thoughts on his beef with Crusty J. (Note: It's definitely not too late to throw together a Joey Pizza Halloween costume.) Okay, don't let us keep you any longer. Enjoy!