Saturday Night Live Recap: Melissa McCarthy's Rave Debut; Return of Junice "Little Hands" Maharelle

Saturday Night Live
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This was Melissa McCarthy's first time on SNL—almost always an "I've made it" career movement, even in these post-glory days for the show—and she worked that inappropriately-touchy, exaggeratedly-oversized, bathroom-humor side that won us all over in in Bridesmaids. And the ratings numbers bear that out. The episode had four percent more viewers than last week's Alec Baldwin premiere, Deadline reported, upending the show's historied second-week slump. But McCarthy also showed she has more range, including a graceful opening dance sequence with Kristen Wiig, and a lovably eager Spock-wearing permed Hidden Valley Ranch taste tester. The episode also took on a few tough political topics, including a study of Qaddafi's dirty laundry (almost literally) and an alternative to Rick Perry's HPV vaccine mandate: A Lil' Poundcake doll, with a syringe hidden in her adorable plastic hand. As a whole, this episode certainly delivered. Now, to the person who books talent for SNL, get on the phone to McCarthy's people and see when she's next free on a Saturday.

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