Watch Seth MacFarlane Try to Avoid Slamming Jon Stewart on Piers Morgan


Seth MacFarlane is dredging up some old beef with Jon Stewart, courtesy of a strangely aggressive interview on Piers Morgan. "You're like Woodward and Bernstein," MacFarlane hilariously and erroneously told Morgan after Morgan asked about an apparently angry phone call between MacFarlane and Stewart back during the writers' strike. "I've never told that story," MacFarlane said on the show, which isn't true: He recounted the tale to that under-the-radar outlet Time magazine in 2008, saying that Stewart had called him after a joke on Family Guy had ridiculed him for going back to work on The Daily Show before the strike was over. The weird part of this segment isn't that MacFarlane made the joke, or that he's telling the story, or even that he's sort of having it both ways by admitting that the joke was imperfect but also sticking with his pro-union bona fides. The weird part of this is how intense Piers Morgan suddenly gets when talking about his favorite subject, Jon Stewart. [HuffPo]