Seth Meyers, Fred Armisen Talk SNL At Comic-Con


I’m sorry if that headline suggested that Fred Armisen and Seth Meyer’s Comic-Con appearance on the Portlandia audience Q&A offered any sort of specific details about, say, Fred Armisen’s departure from SNL or a possible Weekend Update co-anchor or what, if anything, doesn’t look better with a bird on it. That being said, you know what happens when you assume, right? “I don’t think that far into the future,” Armisen said, when asked when he planned to exit the show. As for whether we’ll see any new faces in one of the anchor chairs, Meyers replied, “No idea. Right now, I think it will be just me for the rest of the season, but we always keep it open.” I think we can all agree, however, that this post would definitely look better with a bird on it. I’m actually trying to insert one via the USB port right now, but it keeps flapping around and scratching my arms to hell.