Shame Trailer: Michael Fassbender Is Sorry He’s So Handsome


After cleaning up on the festival circuit, Shame, the Steve McQueen sex-addict drama, was tipped as Michael Fassbender’s big breakthrough and a movie that all but guaranteed his place at awards tables this season. It also became known as “the movie in which Michael Fassbender goes full-frontal.” (The horse community approves.) As you might expect, this trailer does not include any of the promised graphic nudity, but we are treated to a number of anguished-yet-attractive Fassbender close-ups, plus a soundtrack comprised almost entirely of panting. Also included: shots of Fassbender running, shots of Fassbender fighting, and shots of Fassbender seducing a number of beguiling young women. (None of these, thankfully, is Carey Mulligan, who plays Fassbender's lounge-singer sister and possible moral conscience.) It all looks pretty shady and promising. Important follow-up question: Can Fassbender steal the pickup line trophy from Ryan Gosling, or is "you're wearing that dress like you're doing it a favor" still the best come-on of 2011? Consider the panting before you answer.