So, Neighborhood Watch Is Gonna Have Aliens, I Guess


The newest addition to Akiva Schaffer’s comedy with Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn and Jonah Hill is…the eyes-on-his-hands dude from Pan’s Labyrinth! Doug Jones will most likely gonna continue his streak of playing non-mortal-Earthlings in the comedy “about a group of dads who join the watch to escape the pressures of their families, only to stumble upon an intergalactic plot to destroy the world.”

Was I the only one who forgot that this movie was going to be about aliens until they, you know, cast an alien? I was expecting small-town hijinks, maybe a struggle to confront a bully from the past. I guess it’s possible that I’m still right and Ben Stiller spent his childhood having his lunch money stolen by pushy aliens. Now there’s a movie.