John Mayer Really Disappointed Steve Jobs


In Walter Isaacson's new biography of Steve Jobs, it's revealed that the Apple founder took a lot of potshots at men in high places, including President Obama (for whom Jobs forecast a one-term presidency), Bill Gates ("unimaginative"), and Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin (since Jobs felt they had ripped off the iPhone when creating Google's Android operating software). Still, Jobs had plenty of free-floating ire for random targets, too: As reported by the New York Times, a chapter about Jobs's favorite musicians includes a passage about John Mayer, whose guitar playing Jobs loved, even though he felt that Mayer was "out of control" and potentially "blowing it big-time." Was it something he said? It was probably something he said. (At least he can't say anything for another month!) [Bits/NYT]