The League’s Creators Tell Reddit What To Expect This Season


The creators and executive producers of The League, Jeff Schaffer and Jackie Marcus Schaffer, have taken their talents to Reddit (that’s a sports reference, kind of, right?) to answer fan’s questions. So far, they have promised that this season will see the return of Mr. McGibblets as well as one of the “out-of-town guys,” who’ll be played by Will Forte.

Another tidbit of interest for the fantasy football player League fans among us (we know you’re out there. Yeah, you): the two creators plus the six lead cast members have a real-life 8-team league. The current champ is the female Schaffer, and true to his character, Nick Kroll is “a bit of a drunk tinkerer.” [Appropriate sports reference]! Oh, [secondary sports reference that adds onto that first sports reference].