The Simpsons Producers Agree To Pay Cut, Might Not Be Enough


While The Simpsons cast pay cut still looms, the show’s executive producers have allegedly committed to taking reduced salaries in an effort to keep the show going, which is great news since I am just not ready to say goodbye. The show’s EP’s include Al Jean, John Frink, James L. Brooks, Matt Groening, Matt Selman and Sam Simon, though according to Variety, it’s unclear which of them have agreed to a reduced salary. Of course, the amount of money this would save is still nowhere near the amount of money the (depressing, cynical) sources claim Fox could make if The Simpsons is canceled, but the pressure is on for a deal to be met; the show’s production cycle dedicates that the series finale would have to have a script as soon as December. And my tears would have to start flowing as soon as…now.