The King’s Speech Won’t Be Rushing to Broadway Anymore


Producer Michael Alden has been trying to mount a Broadway production of The King's Speech for quite a while and as fast as possible. Before the movie was even released, he teased a potential spring 2011 bow on Broadway, which then turned into a fall 2012 premiere following out-of-town U.K. tryouts — still a speedy transfer that would come less than two years after the movie was released. Now the Times is reporting that Alden has calmed down a little bit: The play will open in February 2012 and tour five British cities, but plans to then mount it in London or Broadway are on hold until producers work out the potential kinks (though they're hoping for precious few of those, since Oscar winner David Seidler adapted his own screenplay). Also, maybe that will give audiences enough time to forget elements of a movie they just saw in theaters. It's win-win! [ArtsBeat/NYT]