The Real World Looking to Cast an Occupy Wall Street Protester

Occupy Wall Street - Oct 8 2011 Photo: Konstantin Sergeyev

According to an ad recently posted to Craigslist, Bunim/Murray, the production company responsible for MTV's The Real World, sees Zuccotti Park as a fertile casting ground. The listing (location: Battery Park) encourages Occupy Wall Street's opinionated young people to begin the process of sharing their "unique stories" with six strangers (and everyone else) by e-mailing three recent photos, a short biography, and contact information to, with a subject line including their name and the term "Wall Street." While the ad doesn't disclose the location of the show's 27th season, it's safe to say that the interior of the house — wherever it is — will be considerably more comfortable than the demonstration's standard tarp-and-sleeping-bag combo, if not less ugly. [NYO]