This Darrell Hammond Story Could Not Be More Horrifying


Good god, this Darrell Hammond abuse story keeps getting worse and worse. In an interview with CNN, the SNL alum talks about suffering systematic abuse at the hands of his mother, which later led him toward addiction and self-harm. Hammond describes cutting back stage at SNL, before plowing through his personal problems to deliver solid performances. “SNL was a place where if Lorne judges that you can hit the ball over the wall that night, you’re going to go out and step up to the plate,” he says. “I didn’t want to let Lorne down, who I was close to.” Darrell also describes how difficult it was to riff on John McCain, seeing as how he identified with McCain’s torture as a P.O.W. I told you it got worse! Hat’s off to Darrell for being able to do everything he did through a cloud of constant mental anguish. Hat’s off to him for being able to leave the house, really.