This Means War Trailer: Chris Pine and Tom Hardy are Mr. and Mr. Smith


Chris Pine! Where ya been, man? Loved you in Star Trek! Wondered where you went after that, since Unstoppable was your only significant screen credit in over two years! But hey, here you are in This Means War, due to drop on, uh, "President's Day." (Do audiences know when exactly that is? You couldn't give us a month and a number?) Pine and Tom Hardy play two best-bro super-spies with limitless access to guns, helicopters, and enemy henchmen, but they're forced to turn on each other when they both fall in love with Reese Witherspoon. It's a frenetic action comedy directed by McG and co-starring Chelsea Handler, and some or all of those things may sound distasteful to you, but we didn't think this trailer was so bad? It's basically two minutes of Pine and Hardy having homoerotic stare-downs and wrestling with each other, with a superfluously mean (yet welcome) joke at Handler's expense near the end. Could be decent!