Today on Vulture Recommends: Halloween Movies for the Gore-Averse


Halloween may be the only night of the year where you're not only expected to watch scenes of blood and guts, murder and mayhem, and sick freaks and innocent victims, but you're also supposed to enjoy it. In the event that decomposing zombies and flying spleens turn your stomach, Vulture's West Coast editor Claude Brodesser-Akner has come up with a list of five Halloween flicks that go easy on the blood and heavy on the good times. For instance: LeVar Burton singing the classic number "I'm Dead; You're Dying" in the long-forgotten, redundantly titled TV movie musical Midnight Hour? Hilarious! Casper the Friendly Ghost's take on that most existential of questions, "To boo or not to boo?" Pure comedy! You'll have candy corn coming out of your nose in no time.