Real World’s Tonya Suing MTV, Castmates After Alleged Rape


Real World: Chicago cast member Tonya Cooley has filed a lawsuit against MTV, Bunim/Murray Productions, and two fellow contestants, alleging that she was sexually assaulted while filming The Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Ruins, which was filmed in Thailand in 2009. The suit claims that fellow RW/RR cast members Kenny Santucci and Evan Starkman "took another male participant's toothbrush and rubbed the toothbrush around plaintiff's genitals, including rubbing her labia and inserting the toothbrush into [Cooley's] vagina" while Cooley was passed out, and that the alleged incident is on-camera. The suit also says that other female cast members were subjected to unwanted sexual contact and that Cooley and others reported these incidents to producers, who did nothing. Next up for MTV, True Life: My Network's Being Accused of Covering Up a Sex Crime. [TMZ]