Tracy Morgan Is Sorry People Got Upset About His Homophobic Material


Tracy Morgan was on Letterman last night, where he discussed his homophobia-apology tour from this summer, while sort of backing down from some of the more clear mea culpas he'd given in June. "It was a misunderstanding," he said last night. "I was just up there working," he said of his homophobic set, adding that he's in the George Carlin/Richard Pryor school of stand-up, so if people are more used to a "Comedy Central" style (what Morgan described as "premise, setup, punch line"), they might not understand or appreciate his act. He also says he can't remember exactly what he said at the Nashville show.

"You apologized because you had made a mistake, or because people were upset?" Letterman asked. "I apologized because people came to the show and paid money and they got upset about it," Morgan said. "It got out of hand." Morgan and Letterman both expressed a mutual loathing for people texting or tweeting during shows, though for the record, the article that first called Morgan out was posted on Facebook, hours after the show.