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say cheese

Tyler, the Creator Asks Nas the Tough Cheese Questions

XXL recruited the Odd Future ringleader to interview Nas for its November issue, and while the full conversation isn't online yet, we do have some hard-hitting, food-related excerpts. Specifically, we find out whether Nas enjoys cheese. The relevant exchange:

Do you like cheese?
I love cheese.
Cheddar or Swiss?
Swiss. Cheddar for the most of my life. Today, it’s Swiss.
Sick. That’s cool. I love fuckin’ cheddar. That’s my shit.
Why? Why did you ask?
I don’t know. I just want to know. I don’t know. What do you do, like, in your spare time? Do you play Xbox or anything?
No, I’ve actually spent a lot of time being lonely as fuck, you know? It’s like … you just do nothing.

Oops, so that took a turn. Was it the Swiss cheese that made him lonely? Or is the Swiss preference an outward manifestation of an isolationist bent? Most important:Where does Nas stand on Cheez Whiz? We demand answers.

Nas Celebrates 20 Years in Hip-Hop, Interviewed by Tyler, the Creator in New XXL [XXL]