UB40 Is Bankrupt


Selling 70 million records doesn't go as far as it used to. Four original members of UB40 have been declared bankrupt by a judge in the U.K., following the financial collapse of the management company they founded. The judge found saxophonist Brian Travers, drummer Jimmy Brown, trumpet player Terence Oswald, and percussionist Norman Hassan to be "insolvent" and ruled that their assets — including royalties — could be seized to pay off Dep International's debts. Looks like somebody needed a UB401k, and to stop spending all that money on red, red wine to make them forget, and not to feel like when they're king, they need a queen and a palace and everything (yeah), and that wise men say, only fools rush in to terrible financial decisions, etc., BYO UB40 joke/pun. [Telegraph UK]