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The Wachowskis Prepare Huge Jupiter Ascending

Lana and Andy Wachowski.

Lana and Andy Wachowski are ready to return to tentpole filmmaking. The siblings behind the Matrix movies are currently co-directing segments of the ambitious Cloud Atlas with Tom Tykwer, but Deadline reports that the Wachowskis are also moving fast at Warner Bros. with a new sci-fi franchise of their very own, entitled Jupiter Ascending, and are about to go out to A-listers for the lead role. Little is known about the movie, which was set up by the Wachowskis after they had trouble attracting financing for their code-named indie Cobalt Neural 9, a gay romance set during the Iraq War that culminates with an assassination attempt on President Bush. But it was so commercial! [Deadline]

Photo: Zhou Bachi/WireImage