Walking Dead Producer Gale Anne Hurd on Losing Frank Darabont and What’s in Store for Season Two

Gale Anne Hurd Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

As a producer of Aliens and the Terminator movies, Gale Anne Hurd has ushered humankind to salvation through the bleakest circumstances. Over the past twelve months, she’s faced more bloodshed of sorts, in real life. Frank Darabont, her co-executive producer (also a key writer, creator, director, and showrunner) on AMC’s The Walking Dead, was abruptly fired this summer. This, after the announcement late last year that a chunk of the series’ writing staff would not return. How will the zombie drama, AMC’s most popular program, survive this behind-the-scenes apocalypse? Vulture asks Hurd, who’s preparing to face the show’s most diehard contingency at this weekend’s New York Comic-Con, about The Walking Dead’s survival strategy.

Every so often there’s speculation that, like, Charlie Sheen or Thomas Jane will make an appearance on the series. Who’s lined up to guest-star?
Actually, we don’t have any. It’s difficult to suspend disbelief and buy into what we think is a very character-driven show if you’re spending your time playing Spot the Zombie.