The Walking Dead Recap: Less Talking, More Undead-ing, Please

Walking Dead - Season 2 - Ep 1 Photo: Bob Mahoney/TWDProductions/AMC

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The second season premiere of The Walking Dead begins with Sheriff Rick Grimes on a rooftop, delivering an exposition-heavy monologue into a walkie-talkie. He is hoping that Morgan, the dad we met in episode one, is listening on the other end, and it occurs to me that Morgan has become Grimes’s Wilson. In Cast Away, Tom Hanks talked to a volleyball as a way to cope with his new surroundings, and Grimes is trying to do that too. Of course, Grimes is surrounded by living people, including his actual best friend, but I don’t blame him for preferring the company of a one-way walkie-talkie over any of them.

• I know it’s never going to happen, but how I want a zombie Gus Fring to make a cameo appearance this season.

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