Glee vs. YouTube: Who Did ‘Fix You’ Best?


Last night's bonkers episode of Glee ended on a high note ... high like falsetto. Will Schuester and his dulcet-voiced students serenaded poor OCD Emma with Coldplay's "Fix You," a song so apt for this situation and this show that it boggles the mind. To compete, then, we have versions done in concert, on the street, in the studio, in reggae, and in various combinations thereof. Take a look below and vote: Who did "Fix You" best?

As Performed By

Street Corner Symphony

The revolution will not involve instruments.

As Performed By

Gabrielle Aplin

Nice to meet you, Gabrielle. We're Vulture.

As Performed By

The Dualers

Reggae! (Hang in there to 0:27 ... it's worth it.)

As Performed By


When at first you don't succeed, multiply yourself six times!

As Performed By

Avril Lavigne

Fans are great, but not when they sound like a herd of cats ...

As Performed By

Mr. Schue and the New Directions

If anyone can fix Emma, it's Coldplay.