Woody Allen Retitles Movie


Woody Allen almost never reveals the title of his next movie before he shoots it, so when he issued a press release back in June to announce that his latest film would be called The Bop Decameron, it was an unusual occurrence for a press corps readying its usual "Untitled Woody Allen Project" keyboard macro. Alas, Allen's had second thoughts about titling the Rome-set project, in which he stars alongside Alec Baldwin, Roberto Benigni, Penélope Cruz, Jesse Eisenberg, and Ellen Page. "I couldn't believe how few people had heard of The Decameron, even in Rome," Allen said today. "And the few that did assumed the movie was based on Boccaccio's tales which it's not. Anyhow, I changed the title to Nero Fiddled, which is the first time I've changed a title since my last-minute switch of Anhedonia to Annie Hall." With that new title, should we expect Rome to burn? Unleash your inner Roland Emmerich, Woody!