The X Factor Singers Cannot Stress Enough That This Is Their Dream


There are still 32 contestants and groups left on The X Factor, and the past week has shown them auditioning for the coach of their respective divisions, hoping to make the cut for the final 16. Thirty-two is still an unwieldy number, and while we have learned a few fun facts that help us distinguish them (one guy was once on crack, another on meth, one guy is 60 but looks 40, one Goth was once nearly a young Disney star, and another guy is on the brink of losing his house), it's still tough to keep them straight. Especially because they have so much in common. For example: (1) Winning this is all of their dreams. (2) Winning this would change everything for them. (3) They want this so bad. The only time they stop expressing these three thoughts is when they're performing; frankly it is seeming more like a dream-change-bad-wanting competition than a singing competition. In case you missed the last four hours of these semifinals, we've assembled a quick video summary for you that should get the point across. We hope you'll click on; having you watch this would change everything for Vulture.