30 Rock’s Tina Fey To Rock Rock Center With Brian Williams At 30 Rockefeller Center


Proving once and for all the correctness of my theory about Rock Center being extremely cool, Tina Fey will guest on next Monday’s episode. It’s fantastic news for all of us who are in 30 Rock withdrawal, and also all of us who are interested in saying “rock” a lot. Hopefully Tina Fey will talk about what we can expect on this season of the show, and what song she sings to her newborn second daughter as she rocks her to sleep. Perhaps she and Brian Williams will play some music and just rock out. But really, even if it’s a boring interview, we love her so much we’d never throw rocks at her. Do you see what I’m doing here? This is hard work. (It’s like lifting rocks!) P.S. Rock Center is on at 10 so you might have to drink some Rockstar energy drink to stay alert.