American Horror Story Recap: Historical Reenactor Orgy

American Horror Story
Episode Title
Halloween Part 2

Let's be realistic. Last week's over-the-top gourd-slinging ode to gala apples was a hard act to follow. And while the second half of "Halloween" was woefully light on undead Quinto mincing, we did get a couple of nice scares. The Harmon's dog is back, precipitating Ryan Murphy's homage to every time you've ever ruined a batch of Totino's pizza rolls.

When we leave chez Harmon, Ben is packing his things. I'm guessing he'll probably be back, though, to cry and Not Give Up some more. So we have a lot of loose ends! Is this Larry's time to swoop in and romance Viv with his uncooked Boboli face? Whose hands were those under the bed? Most important: Hey, CAN ghosts get boners? Hopefully we'll get some resolution on these pressing issues next week, as Hallie lives to see another day, unexploded.