Amy Winehouse Gets Her Mr. Jones Duet


Last month, Nas confirmed the long-standing theory that Back to Black's "Me and Mr. Jones," which references his real name, his birthday, and his daughter's name, is in fact about him. (According to one of our commenters, it was an ex-boyfriend, and not Nas, who made Amy miss the Slick Rick gig, so don't hate.) At the time, Nas explained that he and Amy were introduced by Salaam Remi, who you may recall is producing Winehouse's posthumous album along with Mark Ronson. Today we get a first listen from that album — the Remi-produced "Like Smoke," which Amy recorded back in 2008. It's a typical Winehouse soul throwback, with two Nas verses dropped in on top (including the sadly relevant lyric "I can't say that I'm a firm believer that we all meet up in eternity / Just hope the big man shows me some courtesy"). Winehouse stays on the hook, more or less, but she's restored to her old form, woozy yet precise. Also available today is a 2002 cover of "Our Day Will Come." Amy Winehouse Lioness: Hidden Treasures is due out in December.

Nas Duets With the Late Amy Winehouse on “Like Smoke” (Hot97 Premiere) - [Miss Info]