Atlas Shrugged Producers Hope Their Delightful Mistake Will Sell DVDs

Still from Atlas Shrugged Photo: The Strike Productions

Atlas Shrugged - Part I didn't do so well when it came out in theaters earlier this year (it's sad that there's so little room at the box office these days for unintentional sex comedies about trains), but producers surely hoped the movie would get off to a more auspicious start on DVD. Whoops! Gawker noticed that producer Harmon Kaslow is promising a "recall" on 100,000 Atlas DVDs, though he's not recalling the discs themselves but the DVD jacket covers, which incorrectly state that the movie is an adaptation of "Ayn Rand’s timeless novel of courage and self-sacrifice." Says Kaslow, "As we all well know, the ideas brought to life in Atlas Shrugged are entirely antithetical to the idea of 'self-sacrifice' as a virtue. Atlas is quite literally a story about the dangers of self-sacrifice. The error was an unfortunate one and fans of Ayn Rand and Atlas have every right to be upset ... and we have every intention of making it right." (Convenient that the mistake allowed Kaslow to issue a press release reiterating the theme of the movie!) But then, there is also this: "To those that purchased the flawed cover, congratulations are in order," said Kaslow. "You’ve inadvertently got yourself a real collector’s item there." Indeed! It's like a Libertarian-voting Beanie Baby.