How Aubrey Plaza Shut Down Ryan Gosling


Some people only know Ryan Gosling as "the guy from the movie," and some don't know him at all. Parks and Recreation actress Aubrey Plaza is in the latter camp, she tells Rolling Stone. "I was at this juice bar, and he came in. I didn't recognize him," Plaza admits. "He said, 'I'm a big fan of the show,' and I said, 'Thank you. Are you an actor?' He kind of smirked and said, 'Yeahhh ... ' I asked his name, and he said, 'Ryan,' but it didn't click. I was like, 'We worked together, didn't we? You look so familiar.' He kept smirking, like I was messing with him." Alas, she was not. "I got my juice and left. I missed my shot." It's a meet-cute! Go search for him at Disneyland, Aubrey! [Rolling Stone via Videogum]