Bored to Death Recap: Dominating the Artisanal Scene

Bored to Death Photo: Jessica Miglio/HBO
Episode Title
We Could Sing a Duet

Ah, the doppelgänger episode. Since man first projected moving images in an episodic format, he also occasionally projected equivalent versions of those same images, only these images had evil-looking mustaches. Episodes with doppelgängers are easy ways for a show to comment on itself: See, our characters aren’t doing it, it’s these other guys who happen to look just like us (with mustaches)! A show like Bored to Death never really had a problem poking fun at itself, calling out the insanity of Jonathan’s schemes or the ridiculousness of Leah’s insistence that her children eat not a single bite of a hormone-filled chicken. So when Bored to Death goes all doppelgänger, the result hits even closer to home in its satire of Jonathan, George, and the bachelor diet consisting of white wine and avocados.

In the same way, George decides to take a break from Jonathan at the end of the episode — making a mountain out of a (still relatively large) molehill. This show can be needlessly silly sometimes in the best possible way. Why else would they introduce a character that merely aspires to be like Jonathan Ames, of all people? Maybe it’s the lack of a mustache.