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Burt Reynolds Is Still Burt Reynolds

Burt Reynolds: He's still got it. "It" meaning kind of gross, outdated attitudes about flirting and professionalism. He co-stars with LeAnn Rimes in the upcoming CMT movie Reel Love, about, yes, fishing and love. Reynolds plays Rimes's father in the movie, which meant he had to flirt extra hard. "We were taking pictures together for the poster, and he starts smelling my neck. He’s like, 'Oh yeah, I forgot. I'm playing your dad not your love interest,'" Rimes tells EW. "I'm like, 'Stop it!' He cracks me up." Reynolds wasn't just sniffing on Rimes, though. He was playfully coming on to everybody. "He's such a prankster," Rimes says. "He started with me, and then he moved around to all of the women on the set sending them flowers saying, 'Thanks for last night.' He definitely made his rounds and made his presence known," she says. "We had a blast, we really did." Oh, it sounds like a real clambake.

Photo: Chad Buchanan/Getty Images