Community’s Jim Rash Sits Down for a Deanterview


I’m not really sure why Jim Rash isn’t hounded for interviews 24/7, because he is truly amazing as Community’s Dean Pelton. Dean-a-ling-a-ling! In this interview, though, he teases tonight’s episode, in which the Dean will spearhead the filming of a commercial for the school starring notable Greendale alum Luiz Guzman. “This episode has a nice tone that gets into the emotional core for the characters, which is what this season has been about. It’s an opportunity to get to know Dean a bit differently, which is nice,” Rash says. The more Dean, the better, that’s my motto. That and “I am aflame with zeal for the Lord God of Hosts,” which incidentally is the motto of the Carmelite order of Catholicism (I’m getting really into mottos today.)