Craig Finn Wrote a Friday Night Lights Tribute Album

CULVER CITY, CA - AUGUST 28: Musician Graig Finn of The Hold Steady performs onstage at the Heineken Inspire event at the BookBindery Building on August 28, 2010 in Culver City, California. (Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Heineken) Photo: Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Really! The Hold Steady front man just announced the title of his upcoming solo effort, due January 2012, and it is … Clear Hearts, Full Eyes. (Can't Lose.) Don't worry, the word switch is intentional, according to Finn. His explanation: "It's a juxtaposed reference to Friday Night Lights, a TV show that excited and moved me and also happened in Texas. Further, 'Clear Heart' signifies honesty and transparency, and 'Full Eyes' suggests experience. Thus, it's about being optimistic and open without succumbing to the weariness or doubt that comes with age and experience." Oh man, those are some deep, Coach Taylor–level feelings. Craig Finn really gets you, East Dillon fans.