For Dane Cook, Heckling Can Act As an Aphrodisiac

Dane Cook. Photo: David Livingston/2011 Getty Images

Attention, hecklers: Do not lob verbal tomatoes at Dane Cook, for it will only make him stronger. Cook was asked recently in an interview if he had a good heckler story to tell, and he replied that a few years ago, he turned the heckling on its head and played homewrecker. "I think I was having such a strong performance that night that this guy’s date was attracted to my powerful energy," Cook told Movieline. "Maybe in this guy’s life, he was that powerful guy. Anyway, he shouted some shit at me. We had a little toe-to-toe and what I ended up doing is breaking down to this guy’s date why she shouldn’t be with a man like this. It was surgical the way I was going in and asking her questions and getting truth out of her. By the end of the show, they had stormed off angrily. Then two days later, I got an e-mail from her asking me out to dinner." Alas, this potential meet-cute was not to be: "I was in a relationship at the time," said Cook. "I think I told her to bring her next date to one of my shows but make sure he doesn’t interrupt [my act]."