Das Racist Brought a Michael Jackson Impersonator to Conan


Last night, loyal Conan fans and TBS viewers who were too lazy to switch the channel after Wedding Crashers were treated to an unusual sight: Das Racist, rapping on national television, with the aforementioned King of Pop wannabe. (In Vulture's opinion, dude looked eerily like the real thing.) For a lesser group of musicians, this might be a controversial, "too soon" type of stunt, but as you will see in the following video, the impersonator was maybe the least remarkable thing about Das Racist's "Michael Jackson" performance. They decided to go mumblecore for late night? With letter sweaters and random, flailing drummer girls? The whole thing is bizarre and low energy and, if you appreciate Das Racist for their impertinence, kind of fun. Also, Heems added a new evil grumble effect to the "I'm fucking good at rappppppping" that we'll be borrowing.