Fake Commenters Prefer Mirror Mirror Trailer


When Vulture recently pitted the rival Snow White trailers against each other, the epic sweep of Snow White and the Huntsman edged out the campy WTF-osity of Mirror Mirror, but there's one criteria we forgot to measure: Which trailer do spam commenters prefer? Movie Mavericks discovered that entertainment sites have been besieged with a raft of the same four pro-Mirror blog comments, including such statements as "Julia Roberts is going to be awesome as the Evil Queen. She’s such a good actress!" and "Definitely seeing this with my boyfriend! Can’t wait to see Lily Collins in action!!" And while this sort of web astroturfing is nothing new, we here at Vulture are a little bit sad that the spam commenters spared us, as we always like to be part of a trend. (Admittedly, several commenters used our Mirror Mirror post to declare their love for Armie Hammer, but we think we know you well enough to distinguish spam from your inherent Winklelust.)