The Fug Girls Analyze Miss Piggy’s Style Evolution


Pop quiz! Which beloved, bilingual Hollywood actress making her big-screen return this week boasts a career as long as Meryl Streep’s, a martial arts affinity that rivals Chuck Norris’s, a list of facial nips and tucks that would make Joan Rivers blush, and the distinction of being the first (and ideally only) person to ever attend the Emmys with a boyfriend of another species? Oui! The answer is Miss Piggy. And with the premiere of The Muppets on Wednesday, we thought it time for a slideshow honoring a career that’s encompassed more than even a non-swine starlet could dream of: best-selling books, magazine covers, endorsements, movies, a hit TV show, and, of course, that Henson-ized version of a Burton-Taylor romance with Kermit the frog. Young Hollywood, this is how it’s done. Get your notebooks out.