Godspeed, Little Doodles


Hey ya’ll, Halle without an i here, and you are currently reading my farewell post. Stop shrieking and crying! Yes, I’m bidding you a fond farewell, as I will no longer be covering mornings for Splitsider as of this week. My bindle is all packed and I’m moving on blog parts unknown, though I will still be doing my TV recaps and will no doubt be stopping by from time to time. Either way, it has been an honor and a pleasure to argue with you about the Whitney advertising campaign, and I hope you appreciate what it took out of me to see Bucky Larson opening day at midnight. It took everything from me. Everything! I leave you in Adam and Hallie capable chuckle-filled hands. If you miss me terribly much, you can always visit me at hallekiefer.tumblr.com or at VH1’s TheFABlife, at least until the gypsy’s curse overtakes me. I love you terribly. No, not you. Yes, you there, with the Doritos. Cool Ranch! Awesome!