Gone Trailer: Amanda Seyfried Knows Who Killed Me


Delving into the sort of blue-toned thriller about serial killers, missing sisters, and head games that we used to associate with the tail-end of Linday Lohan's film career, her Mean Girls costar Amanda Seyfried is up to bat with a new movie, Gone. And it's not the Broadway musical adaptation of Gone Baby Gone, oh no sir! (That would require an exclamation point and a score by Duncan Sheik.) Nope, this is a standard-issue thriller about a pretty blond girl (Seyfried) who tries to convince police that her pretty blond sister has been abducted by the same serial killer she escaped from two years before. Tragically, the police don't believe her and decline to pursue the case, and Seyfried surely should have seen that coming: If there's one thing the police and America have no interest in, it's nubile young blond women who've been mysteriously abducted. Better luck next time!