Watch Rob Lowe and Jeremy Piven Get Debauched in an Exclusive I Melt With You Clip


In the new movie I Melt With You, longtime friends played by Thomas Jane, Jeremy Piven, Rob Lowe, and Christian McKay meet up for their annual Big Sur getaway, and when we see them in this exclusive clip, their lost week of endless drugs and soul-baring is just getting under way. In fact, Lowe's just joined the party, and though Piven and friends have already done plenty of coke prior to his arrival, Lowe's bad doctor is ready to take things even further: He's got a suitcase filled with pills. Mark Pellington's dark drama debuts today via Magnolia On-Demand (followed by a theatrical release on December 9), and if you're thinking of taking a look, this NSFW clip full of drugs and debuachery is definitely the movie in a nutshell. Enjoy!