Janeane Garofalo to Play Russian Immigrant in New Play

Janeane Garofalo. (Ryan McCune/PatrickMcMullan.com) Photo: Ryan McCune/PatrickMcMullan

Just a month after getting sucked into Adult Swim's deviant live-action series Delocated, Garofalo is balancing out the equation with a serious dramatic turn in the upcoming play Russian Transport, set in Sheepshead Bay. Garofalo will play a Russian immigrant wife and mother of two battling all that newcomers must to assimilate into this great, teeming mess of a city. There is a little issue of language, of course. “The character is a Russian immigrant who speaks Russian," Garofalo told the Times' ArtsBeat blog, "so I double-checked that that was the part I was supposed to do.” While we are sure her fake Russian-inflected English is world-class, Garofalo isn't quite so certain. "I am terrified about seeming like the biggest fraud in the world.”