Jason Segel Leads a Tour Through His Lovable Filmography


Fresh off SNL, Jason Segel continues effortlessly riding the gale-force winds of The Muppets promotion by taking us through his past roles. He even reveals the true goals behind Judd Apatow’s movie making career:

[Undeclared] was really good, and they canceled it the same way they’d canceled Freaks and Geeks, so that was the moment when Judd was like, “All right, watch this: I’m single-handedly going to make all these people movie stars. You think you’re so smart, network? Watch what I’m about to do.” And from that show being canceled, Judd went on a Count of Monte Cristo-style revenge mission to make every one of us famous. It’s not even that we’re that talented — it’s that Judd wanted to give everyone the finger.