Wanderlust Trailer: Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd Go Au Natural


Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd play a married couple in the new comedy Wanderlust, and whether you still harbor warm feelings for their work in The Object of My Affection or you're a Friends fan who can't believe that Rachel would homewreck the Phoebe Buffay household like this, we can all agree that this is one well-matched duo. Fortunately, the movie looks like it plays to their strengths; directed by David Wain (Role Models and, crucially, Wet Hot American Summer), it casts Aniston and Rudd as overworked Manhattanites who decide to slow down their lives a little. In most movies and TV shows, this would be the cue for the characters to move down south and reconnect with family, but in Wanderlust, they do that and it's awful, so instead they end up on a free-spirited commune where Malin Akerman and Justin Theroux coax them out of their shells (and potentially, out of their clothing). Be aware before you press play, though, that there is a scene in this trailer where Theroux coaches Aniston through a very vigorous animal-milking that is laced with double entendre and doused in real-life tabloid subtext, if you're into that kind of thing.