Journey 2 Trailer: The Rock Rides a Bumblebee (But It Flies Anyway)


We mused earlier this week that 3-D is best served not by prestige pictures but by B-movies that embrace the extra dimension's schlocky thrills, and Journey 2: The Mysterious Island will give you no argument. The sequel to the recent 3-D remake of Journey to the Center of the Earth, this one subs in Dwayne Johnson for Brendan Fraser and promotes Josh Hutcherson to the lead in the hopes of exploiting his Hunger Games heat, but this is not a dystopian sci-fi adventure trilogy about teenagers killing each other ... instead, it's a movie where the leads ride giant bumblebees and befriend computer-generated elephant babies. In other words, it's not aimed at your demographic, but please do watch this trailer, if only for the unexpected (and no doubt improvised) bit of physical comedy shown off by The Rock at the end.