Judd Apatow Suggests a Comedy Category at the Oscars


Judd Apatow thinks there should be a separate Oscars category for comedy category, just like there is for animation. “It doesn’t seem like it’s screwing up Schindler’s List for Hangover to have its own category,” he said, adding that it would be more entertaining to watch Zack Galifianakis to accept an award than Curtis the key grip. First of all, my good friend Curtis the key grip will have some words to say about this! Some BAD words. But second of all, this is an interesting idea. Not that it’ll happen this year, but IF IT DID, my picks for Best Comedy would be Bridesmaids, 50/50, Horrible Bosses, Our Idiot Brother, and all the trailers for The Muppets. What would yours be?