Kid Cudi Is Going Through With That Rock Project


First, a bit of news about Cudi's long-germinating rock band: Its name has been changed from "2 Be Continuum" back to the original "Wizard," but without the vowels. WZRD, everyone! It's still on, and the band's first album will be released on January 30, 2012. To prove it, Cudi tweeted out a link to a new WZRD effort, the slow-building, vaguely psychedelic (but not because he's smoking) "Break." Cudi wails creepily over the heavy guitars about finding his own way, etc., and then the whole track drops out into a spacy seventies jam. Your love or hate of "Break" will depend on a number of factors, including how you feel about Cudi, interplanetary travel, or genre switches, but know this: Kid Cudi Baby remains enthusiastic.