Huzzah! Kristen Schaal Will Guest Star on Multiple 30 Rock Episodes


Ahhhh. This is like a soothing balm on the gaping midseason NBC wound that is the lack of Community. Kristen Schaal will join 30 Rock this season for a multi-episode arc. NBC is keeping her role a secret, but here are a few guesses as to her character’s identity:

- An enchanting love interest for Kenneth (please please please)

- The cutthroat host of a children’s puppet show that competes with TGS for network attention

- Liddy’s zany kindergarten teacher on whom Jack develops a crush (I feel like this is actually a pretty realistic guess)

- A dark horse competitor for a potential Donaghy promotion into the upper echelon of Kabletown

- The gerbil trainer Tracy Jordan hires to choreograph his all-gerbil circus

- Avery Jessup’s (Donaghy’s? Jessup-Donaghy’s?) North Korean kidnapper!

Other character ideas?