Lindsay Lohan Crashes J. Edgar Party

Photo: Clint Spaulding/? Patrick McMullan

What with only four days of freedom left before she has to turn herself in for another 30-day jail stint, Lindsay Lohan has been busy setting the groundwork for her eventual orange-jumpsuit-to-riches comeback. That is if a photo shoot for Playboy and harassing Hollywood directors and A-listers is Lohan's idea of a smart career move. (Dina Lohan told The Insider that her daughter will grace the cover of Playboy's December issue and that the shoot would be "tastefully done" and not include full-frontal nudity. Seems New York had this same idea what, like, three years ago.) After her Playboy photo session Thursday, Lohan apparently showed up at the Roosevelt Hotel and talked her way past security into an exclusive party for the Clint Eastwood–directed and Leonardo DiCaprio–headlined biopic J. Edgar. While party crashing may not be that surprising for Lohan, even more unsurprising was her behavior once inside. "She made everybody uncomfortable," a source at the party told "Page Six." "She was aggressive and random, storming around." Her attempts at garnering an audience with Leo and Oscar-winning producer Brian Grazer, it seems, proved fruitless.