Madonna's New Single Is Probably Here!

Dave Hogan/Getty Images Photo: Dave Hogan/Getty Images/Getty

Earlier today, two snippets of unfinished but Madonna-like music made their way online, setting off a requisite wave of “OMG is it her? Madonna!!” speculation.  Mere hours later, thanks to an anonymous hero with an Internet connection, the entirety of “Give Me All Your Love” is now available for our listening pleasure.  Yes, it really is (most likely) Madonna! And taking into account some previous album-related rumors (specifically that Madonna would perform a song with this very title at the Super Bowl), it’s likely the first single off her upcoming album.

So, what musical inspiration has Madonna channeled for this latest effort? If “Give Me All Your Love” (luv?) is any indication, it sounds like ... one of Lourdes’s slumber parties? The cheerleading chants, the hand-claps, the sunny (and slightly thin, though that could just be a demo issue) vocals — it’s hard not to bop around like a teenager once this one gets going.  There are a few newfangled sounds here and there — a dub-step lite breakdown, and some robot voice on the bridge — but for the most part, it plays like an updated version of “Borderline,” “Cherish,” or any of the other cheery Madonna songs from a previous generation’s high school proms.   It’s so peppy and young, in fact, that we could imagine Willow Smith or Selena Gomez dropping in for a guest verse.  Which brings us to a final thought: If this is indeed the single that Madonna was supposed to perform at the Super Bowl, then what on earth are Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. going to do with this? Can Nicki get any bubblier than "Super Bass"? Discuss.